Count Me In | Volunteering during Christmas

You get so much back when you give yourself and your time to other people.

Taking care of community one step at a time

While busy with your daily life, you can start to lose a sense of connection to the larger community.

Join the network that’s making a difference in Amsterdam. Our community of like-minded volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and share a common interest in making meaningful connections with the people of Amsterdam.

As a volunteer, you get to step outside yourself, expand your horizons while connecting with those in need all around our city. Build a new garden, visit our elderly neighbors, serve sandwiches to our homeless or clean up our city parks. 

We make it easy for our volunteers to take small steps that actually create a world of difference for vulnerable people. Helping out doesn’t take a long time, or a big commitment. And anyone can do it! 

We believe in creating a more connected community for all the people in our city, and it starts with us

Do you want to join?

With a group of friends, with your team from work, or do you just want to sign up for a project? Or maybe start working as a good neighbor in your own neighborhood? In the “Count Me In” Menu at the top you can find the options how you can participate in one of our projects that we can now organize for you!

“The people that helped me today are wonderful, I am delighted!”

– Nel, help receiver

“With helping out another person you get so much in return”

– Niels, volunteer

“It is opening new doors for us for the elderly”

– Laurie, volunteer coordinator Amsta 


Anyone can do it! We make it easy for our volunteers to take small steps that really create a world of difference. With your commitment, you’ll get access to various activities all around Amsterdam. Pick the ones you like, when it’s convenient for you. You can already help on the next action day of Serve the City on November 14th. Sign up below! 


Find out more about our partners:


One project day a month with various activities throughout Amsterdam.


Burennetwerk connects you to a neighbour that needs help (odd job, visit, a walk) and you can help out when it suits you.


Together we find a fun and suitable volunteer project for your group.


For young adults or students, we find interesting volunteer projects for your group or school.


For companies that want to give back to society, we will find an interesting project for your team and a good teambuilding experience.