I’ve had to stay indoors all day due to the coronavirus. Can you imagine? But the digital walks through Amsterdam have really helped me. They are the only time I get out all week!

- Fem, Amsterdammer, 82 years old

“I will continue to help, also after Corona” 

The last couple of months over a thousand “Amsterdammers”  have helped other during the Corona Crisis. 
Over 60 volunteer actions have taken place and made a lot of impact on vulnerable people in Amsterdam. We have been impressed what we’ve been able to do with each other. We would like to continue helping others, even after the crisis. Let’s make helping out the “new normal”. 

When joining a volunteer project once and a while you will be able to help others, even when the crisis is over the people we helped still remain vulnerable. Small talk or a small gesture makes them happy. Do you feel excited to keep helping? 
Count yourself in! 

Serve the City is organising an action day on October 10th. Find out more. 

“The people that helped me today are wonderful, I am delighted! 

– Nel, help receiver

With helping out another person you get so much in return” 

– Niels, volunteer

“It is opening new doors for us for the elderly 

– Laurie, volunteer coordinator Amsta 

This is what Count Me In is

Count me is you, as volunteer, and us, four volunteer organisations in Amsterdam. 

Count Me In is a fantastic way of committing yourself to help others. Not only now you have time due to the Corona crisis, but (especially) beyond. With your commitment, you’ll get access to an overview of various activities in Amsterdam. Pick the ones you like. When it’s convenient for you.

Take the ready-made templates from our Media Library, and use them at your Instagram account. Let others know you are a part of Count Me In. And inspire them to join as well. Together we’ll get things done!


Register for Count Me In and we’ll make sure you receive a mix of the best offers from the following organisations. There’s something for everyone with regard to duration, type of activity and company (where applicable).


  • Register for a project individually or with others, including other volunteers 
  • One project day a month with various activities throughout Amsterdam for which you can register. 
  • Participation is always free. 


  • Register individually 
  • Burennetwerk finds a neighbour who could use your help based on your interests.
  • Participation is always free. 


  • Register with a group of acquaintances, study group or friends. 
  • Together we find a fun and suitable volunteer project for your group.
  • Participation is always free. 


  • Register as a young person or student, either individually or with a group. 
  • Together we find a fun and suitable volunteer project for your group or school. 
  • Participation is always free. We’re happy to discuss options with schools. 

We will get to work for you

After your registration, we will send you an overview of volunteer activities throughout the city.
Want to do something already? Sign up for an activity on the action day organised by Serve the City on October 10th.

Questions? mail to info@countmein.nl