Count Me In was set up in response to the remarkable growth in support offered during the coronavirus outbreak to three volunteer organisations in Amsterdam: Serve the City, Stichting Present en Burennetwerk Amsterdam.

We saw with our own eyes the warm-hearted way people reacted during this crisis situation, with a real sense of togetherness and willingness to help those less fortunate than ourselves. But even as things start to return to ‘normal’, we volunteer organisations are well aware how much demand there remains for support. And this is the reason for starting the Count Me In campaign, aimed at encouraging people to continue doing good deeds for their fellow citizens in the months ahead. We hope to keep alive the spirit of solidarity that has been so wonderful to see since the lockdown was announced.

It was also the experiences and wishes of our volunteers that inspired us to take Count Me In to the next level. Many are keen to continue supporting others in the future but at the same time we recognise that people’s time is precious. Count Me In is therefore especially designed to match busy agendas with easily accessible activities that are customised to the wishes of volunteers.

We’ve been super-impressed with the willingness among the people of Amsterdam to come together for each other. Let’s keep this spirit of togetherness alive… There’s so much more to do! – – Brigitte Vonck Makkinje, Director Serve the City Amsterdam

They brought Count Me In to life

Evert Cloo

Evert Cloo

Producer & editor

Freek Zonderland

creative producer

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Suzanne van Dooren

Communication specialist

Esmee Getrouw

Website administrator

Andrew Rogers

Andrew Rogers

Copywriter English

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