Count Me In | Join in as a church!

Join as a church

Corona and it’s measurements are back. And as Gert Jan Segers of the ChristenUnie said  it may be even more difficult than the first wave.
We would like to work with you as a church in reaching those Amsterdammers who are now being hit so hard. The churches are already doing a lot in this, we are doing this too. We believe that we can do even more together.
We would like to invite you to join us and we would also like to think along with you about what is appropriate for your church & congregation, for example.
Would you like to help us by:
  • Promote our activities within your church congregation
  • Do you know vulnerable people in the neighborhood or from the church congregation who could use help? We would love to hear and help out the people you know!
  • If you want to support us financially, that is always possible!
Do you want to participate, do you want us to think along with you? Please contact us via the contact form or by sending us an email to