Count Me In | Join in as a church!

Join as a church

Imagine, on Sunday afternoon, June 20, there are people walking on the streets all over Amsterdam. A stick in one hand, a garbage bag in the other. In every part of the city, in every neighborhood, in every park, people are busy cleaning the city and showing something positive.

The Count Me In Action Week starts on June 20. Now that everything is starting to open, there may be a need for togetherness to make (spiritual) recovery possible. What are we going to do with that new freedom and how? As far as we are concerned, come together and do something good!

On 20 June, we would like to use the people of churches to clean the city, a new beginning, be visible and take the chance to come together again as a church, to meet each other and to do something good. As a church, you can participate in various ways and contact us.

1) You can join an existing promotion on Sunday afternoon 20 June in the Westerpark, Oosterpark, Rembrandtpark or Noorderpark. You can register here.

2) We can set up a project specifically for your congregation in your neighborhood where the church is located.

In addition, you can also join the projects that are carried out throughout the week, which you can find on the website and people can register individually.

If you want to organize something specific in the Count Me In week for your small group, life group or something else, please fill out a form below and tell us what you want to do as a church.