Nice that you and your group of friends or another group want to do something good for your fellow citizens! It would be great if you would like to do that in the week of June 20-26. But if you want us to organise it on a different time, that is also fine!

We link volunteer groups to people who really benefit from it. Would you like to participate as a group? Then fill in this form below!

Think creatively from the possibilities and talents that you have as a group! For example, if you all love gardening, wallpapering, singing, dancing… let us know and we will look for a nice match!

Would you like to discuss the possibilities for you as a group? Please contact us by sending an email to or by filling in the contact form. We are also happy to answer the phone, call 020-2440198. Then we will look together for something beautiful that you can contribute to in Amsterdam!